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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Slain mayor of San Juan Mixtepec, Oaxaca state government reports

He was ambushed dawn on Sunday along with a policeman, in Juxtlahuaca.
Posted: 03/24/2013 8:34
Oaxaca Oax. The state government reported that Feliciano Bautista Martinez, mayor of San Juan Mixtepec, was ambushed and killed early this Sunday along with a policeman, when passing through near the town of Juxtlahuaca.
According to the report, the incident occurred around 2:30 am this Sunday when Martinez Bautista and municipal police Polycarp Remigio Rojas, circulating in the road stretch Juxtlahuaca at Meson de Guadalupe, at the height of the diversion to Santo Domingo El Progreso, San Juan Mixtepec.
"The municipal government of San Juan Mixtepec traveling aboard a burgundy Nissan truck with license plates in the state of Puebla, which overturned as a result of the attack," he said in a statement on local government.
He explained that "the body of the mayor has a gunshot wound to his head, while his companion, Polycarp Regino, was hit in the chest with a high-powered weapon."
The bodies were raised and mobilized to break Juxtlahuaca Santiago municipal unit to perform the autopsy, and initiated the first probing the case, said no further the possible motives for the murder.

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